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Cashew Cookies (Dough)

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Prepare yourself for this revelation: a cookie made with REAL ingredients for maximum flavor.

This is a cookie for the entire family to enjoy all day long: dipped in morning chai, alongside an afternoon coffee, or as a quick snack. Simply slice the cookie dough, bake, and serve in under 5 minutes fresh from the oven.

Required equipment: OTG oven (temperature up to 200-220°C)

Size: 200g, makes 10-12 cookies

Shelf Life: up to 30 days (freeze)

Contains EggsContains eggs

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Product Description

This product comes as a log of fresh cookie dough. Simply slice the dough to desired cookie thickness, and bake

The dough bakes into a light and crisp cookie, with a pleasant cashew crunch. It has a delicate buttery aroma, and a deep cashew flavor

Free of chemicals and preservatives

Additional Information


1.) Remove cookie dough log from packaging


2.) Slice cookie dough into desired thickness


3.) Place dough discs on baking sheet


4.) Bake as per instructions on packaging


Note: OTG oven required


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